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When it comes to web and mobile app development, we design them in all shapes and sizes, right from conception to deployment, catering to all sectors of the industrial pie. Developing apps that are lean, mean and clean. Thoughtfully engineered for the ever-evolving tech world. We work close with our clients, so much so that they might just mistake us as part of their own team. Our strategy, design, development and testing process makes your virtual app a reality.

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Intranet Development
  • Extranet Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Database Services
  • Sharepoint Services
  • SMS Applications

10 Benefits of custom applications

  1. As custom software is built for a specific business process the time saved in training is enormous.
  2. Custom CRM solutions greatly helps in automating business processes and also helps companies both to understand and to anticipate the needs of current customers as well as of any potential customers.
  3. Can be converted into a SaaS (Software as a service) turning a tool into a revenue generating avenue.
  4. Custom responsive web applications are meant to be used on mobile devices, tablets and computers, this can often mean that the overall flow of information improves.
  5. Often a custom application is the only viable method of solving a business problem. With off the shelf you have to conform to the “standard” way of doing business.
  6. Custom web development applications can interact with older systems to plug into legacy systems and extend their life by years.
  7. Custom applications build for a purpose can be deployed in house or on the cloud, this is often a critical aspect of security that many companies desire.
  8. Custom software is limited to your needs, without the unnecessary frills your employees can focus on the job at hand instead of learning a new skill.
  9. Often performance is a major concern with off the shelf software as its designed with every single possibility, this creates a lot of unnecessary bloat and investment in configuration.
  10. Through the use of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools, custom web applications software can be created and put into use in a relatively short period of time.


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