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A website needs regular updating and up to date support features and applications. iLead Africa Media provides the best web solutions for an ongoing, reliable and affordable website.

Whether it is a small or large project, simple or complex project, we at iLead are right up to the job. We deliver any project on time, on budget and with exceptional customer service. This is all done in a well formulated timeline so that completion will be within the deadline.

We always provide comprehensive website maintenance services and always thinking ahead to provide additional options to suit the client’s needs. These additional options assist in the website’s support and integration to increase its functionality e.g. calendars and events, photo galleries, video galleries, downloads for relevant documents etc

Apart from the clean and regular updates, our maintenance services are arranged and coordinated in a program that is scheduled by date and availability of the client to avoid inconvenience. Our maintenance fees are affordable and well within the client’s budget.

Website Maintenance Services

  • Optimize your site in search engines
  • Updating articles and blogs
  • Updating photos in your gallery
  • Updating videos in your gallery
  • Updating photo/images in the sliders
  • Update your site with new features
  • Improving current features
  • Improving layouts on the site
  • Designing newsletters
  • Updating calendars
  • Updating events
  • Updating links
  • Update maps

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